“blogging the world, just ten photos at a time…”

Don’t you just hate it when someone comes back from their latest adventure and says they’re got some photos to show you…  You just know that you’re going to spend the next thirty minutes feigning interest in the million snaps they got, only a few of which are really of any interest.  That was my inspiration for Just 10 Photos – a blog where I can share photos of my adventures, no more than ten at time.

But I’m not just thinking of you, there’s another selfish reason for the ‘just 10’ theme, it really takes the pressure off me.  I love photography, but don’t like the pressure to produce hundreds of shots of the highest quality, I can focus (excuse the pun!) on getting just a few quality shots that are really meaningful.

I’ve always had an interest in photography, but things really took off with the popularity of the digital SLR.  Amazed by the quality of the images, and the ability to learn the techniques without needing a second mortgage to cover the cost of prints, I signed up to some photography courses. I did the beginners and intermediate courses, and then did a course based around doing an exhibition.  You can find the exhibition photos in a post here.

With photography there’s always something new to learn or something to improve on.  I’ve since done further learning around using a flash and shooting models outdoors.

Peter Kent
Creator and Owner
Just 10 Photos