The St. Georges Day dragons of West Hagbourne

Another year, another St. Georges Day, which means another excuse for an evening walking around the lovely West Hagbourne to photograph their annual display of dragons.

This year I was joined by friends including fellow photographers and bloggers Ryan and Emma.  Walking around the village with a small army of people taking photos seemed to produce some odd looks from the locals – as if they weren’t expecting folk to actually want to see the dragons they’d put on display!

As ever there was a great range of dragons on display, from shop-bought children’s toy dragons to artistic home-created dragons and everything in between.  I recommend a walk around the village next year to see for yourself!

Gadget Show Live 2015

Another year, another trip to Gadget Show Live (here you’ll find the post from Gadget Show Live 2014).  

This year the show was smaller than last, but the stands seemed more hemmed in. In the few times I’ve been, the show seems to go from large to small to large over alternate years. 

There were some new and interesting appearances, as well as the usual suspects.  It was good to see big names such as DysonSynology, and EBuyer there, as well as a section dedicated to British inventions.

Disappointingly there were no major camera manufacturers at the show, even though I’d been told Olympus would be there.  There were some photography related gadgets, the best of which was TurnsPro, a Kickstarter funded time lapse camera mount.  There were also some add-on lenses for mobile phones which were a tad expensive for what they were.

My wallet nearly escaped unscathed, with just a couple of car phone mounts from Osomount in my bag.  But then, with some help from the excellent Synology and EBuyer teams, I bought a DS415+ network attached storage device to keep all of my photos safe and sound.

Views of Liverpool

On my recent trip to Liverpool I deliberately avoided anything to do with football or The Beatles – both pull in the tourists, but neither were of interest me on my adventures around the the city.  

Maybe Liverpool should spend more time shouting about its amazing views and stunning architecture and move on from bragging about a band which broke up back in 1970…

What makes for great photos in Liverpool is the mixture of old and new architecture.  Liverpudlians seem uncomfortable with the modernity of some of the buildings…  C’mon Liverpool, it’s time to embrace them!  Both the old and new can exist side-by-side in the beauty of their contrast.

I was lucky with the weather, and the blue skies were a real treat for March.

This is the third of three posts about my recent trip to Liverpool – here you can see the previous posts about Shiverpool and the Cathedrals.

For anyone thinking of visiting Liverpool here’s a few links for things to do and see that I’d recommend… ShiverpoolAlbert DockThe Philharmonic Dining RoomsLiverpool Cathedral TowerCity Explorer Bus TourThe Mersey Ferry (see here for a money saving ticket for the Cathedral, bus tour, and ferry) , Antony Gormley’s installation in CrosbyMowgli restaurantBold Street CoffeeSt Luke’s Church